1. Why you should cycle

Get biking!!!: Thinking of getting a bicycle? Want to get healthy, save commuting time and help the planet? Excellent idea cycling is an environmentally conscious way to free yourself from the daily shackle that is commuting. Some benefits to you from cycling:

  1. You will be the master of your journey not the tube driver, not the faulty train signal, not the burst water pipe on the high street
  2. You will feel that you have conquered your City or town London suddenly becomes YOUR city, a city in which you know the neighborhoods, landmarks, tube stops, parks all through the first-person experience that only bicycles can provide it also beats reading the myriad of free newspapers on the tube, anyway
  3. You can plan and predict your journey (to a larger extent than the tube or buses anyway), be it the daily commute to work, or the Saturday ride from Hackney Marshes to Enfield Lock