9. Converting to single speed

Convert to single speed: Your rear wheel most probably has some sort of gearing cogs attached to it. There are two main types:

  1. The older design is referred to as the freewheel block: this is screwed on as one block. The sprockets cannot be taken apart
  2. Freewheel cassette: The modern version, in which the freehub and sprockets can be taken apart

Our rear wheel has a freewheel block. The procedure to remove this is described below:

  1. In order to remove this, we need to use a lock ring remover.
  2. Remove the wheel nut and insert the vertically grooved end of the lock ring remover into the axle, and ensure that is sitting well
  3. Now, unscrew the lock ring remover anti-clockwise
  4. Use a vice to clamp the wheel - it is very possible that the lock ring has fastened extremely tightly. You really do not want to bend the spokes or the rim during this procedure
  5. Once the block has been removed, you can screw on a single speed freewheel. These usually have about 14 to 18 teeth.
  6. Now mount the rear wheel and give it a spin. Carefully grip the freewheel and check that the wheel still moves. There should be no screeches, squeaks etc. Just the tick tick of the freewheel