7. Fit the the headset

Fitting the headset: For smooth and responsive steering, keep the headset clean and serviced. Remember that the headset is a natural recipient for the muck and spray from emitted from the front tyre. Poorly fitted headsets or those in poor condition could lead to “twitchy” handling. This procedure is not too dissimilar to the procedure for assembling the bottom bracket.

This procedure is described below:

  1. Prepare and arrange the headset parts, as described for the bottom bracket. Ensure that the parts are free from pitting, damage, wear and tear
  2. Insert the upper and lower cups – you might have to use a Cup Bearing Press tool (see image with Ray above) – alternatively, a heavy plank of wood, a vice and some elbow grease should do the trick
  3. Grease the upper and lower cups and insert the bearings, massage in with your hands and add more grease
  4. Insert the fork and attach the rest of the headset parts
  5. Screw the locknut on the upper cup and remember not to over tighten. Tightening happens after the steering unit is inserted