6. Fit the bottom bracket

Fitting the bottom bracket: Now that you have cleaned the housing and laid out the (clean) parts in the right order we will fit the bottom bracket to the bike

This procedure is described below:

  1. First lubricate the thread of the cups and the housing
  2. Always starting with the right side cup: screw the right side cup anticlockwise and tighten this, if necessary with a spanner extension for greater torque
  3. From the left side of the bike, insert the axle. Note that the axle is *not* symmetrical, so insert the longer side in first. One side is longer in order to accommodate the chainring
  4. Now screw the left side adjustable), cup. Take care not to over tighten. If done correctly, the axle will spin freely and smoothly, but without any lateral or sideways movement
  5. Check by spinning the axle with your hands also rock the axle with your hands to detect any lateral motion. Adjust as necessary
  6. Now insert the lockring and tighten. Becareful not to tighten the lickring and the cup in unison. Use a spanner to keep the cup in place while tightening the lockring [BB6.jpg]
  7. Do one final check of the axle for spin and lateral motion. Readjust as necessary