2. Tools you will need for this project

Tools we used for our project: while you might have come across an overwhelming set of tools with exotic names in a typical professional workshop, you really wont need all of this to build your own bike. If you are serious about building and maintaining your own bicycle, it is worth investing in some of the tools. However, you could always pop into our workshop and use the tools there.

Below is the inventory of the tools we used, separated into common and specialist tools:

Common tools and products

  1. A notepad and pen (more important than you think)
  2. A set of Allen keys with a good size range
  3. A set of open and combination spanners, size 7 upwards
  4. Adjustable spanner
  5. Pliers
  6. Screwdrivers
  7. Hammer and a plank of wood
  8. WD40 and Plus Gas (for when tools are not effective)
  9. Chain oil
  10. Grease, anti-seize copper grease
  11. Ferrules, cable ends and caps
  12. Air pump with gauge

Specialist tools

  1. A bicycle stand (prices ranging from £3.00 for 2 strong cables to suspend your project from the ceiling to £75 for a Peruzzo Bike Stand)
  2. Cone spanners, which are thin spanners, needed to adjust hub bearings
  3. Pedal spanner
  4. Headset spanners
  5. Cable pullers
  6. Cable or wire cutters
  7. Chain splitter
  8. Crank extractor
  9. Spoke key for truing the wheels