1. The bike parts we used

Parts you will need to build your bike: This again depends on the type of bicycle you will be building, although the parts you will need will be a version or analogue of what we used for our project. In our project, we build up a single speed racing bicycle. For this project, we used the following 16 parts (you will see each part in detail, with pictures in the following articles):

  1. Bicycle frame (road, racing, mountain, hybrid and so on)
  2. Forks, which you can pick up with the frame as a combined purchase
  3. Tubing with which the frames and forks are made (examples include Reynolds, Bianchi, Peugeot and Columbus who have good pedigree in this and are also readily available)
  4. Headset (or the steering components) which allows you to steer the bicycle using the handlebars. A headset itself is made up of cups, bearings, lock nuts and so on
  5. Stem, such as quill, which connects the handle bar to the headset
  6. Handlebars such as flat, drops, risers, trekking and so on
  7. Bottom bracket, which allows the crankset to rotate and thus drive the bicycle using the pedals and chainrings. It is made up of a spindle and some bearings
  8. Pedals, such as BMX pedals, road pedals, track pedals, pedals with straps and or clips
  9. Chainring, operated by the pedals, and drives the rear wheel
  10. Chain (these come in different widths)
  11. Freewheel (for single speed bicycles)
  12. Caliper Brakes (a pair for single speed and one for fixed gear)
  13. Wheel sets
  14. Tyres and tubes
  15. Seatpost
  16. Seat or saddle