11. Fitting the wheels and tyres

Fit the wheels and tyres: Before fitting tyres, it is a good idea to check that the wheels are true. To do this properly, mount each wheel on the jig and then use the spoke key to straighten the rims.

If you do not have a jig, you can mount the rim on the bike itself and then check and true the wheel. While this is not the most scientific way to true wheels, it is better than riding around in wobbly wheels.

Once you are happy with the wheels, you are ready to insert the tyre and tubes. The procedure is described below:

  1. First, a crucial, but often overlooked step: unwrap the tyres and run your fingers inside the tyre seat to check for any protrusions, dirt or debris [image New_Tyres.JPG]
  2. Take a tyre and fit one bead (the edge of the tyre which fits into the rim edges) over the rim
  3. Now inflate the tube with just enough air to provide a basic circular shape
  4. Place the wheel so that the valve opening in the rim is at the 12 Oclock position
  5. Insert the valve in the tube through the rim and then work the tube into the rim, work in a symmetrical motion outwards from the valve. This should be done gently dont pack or shove the tube into the rim and tyre
  6. Inspect the wheel from the other side the side in which the tyre bead is in the wheel rim to make sure that the tyre bead is in place all round and the tube is not protruding from under the bead
  7. Inflate the tube a very little bit more this is so that the tube claims a bit more space inside the tyre and rim and deflate again
  8. Use your thumb to flip the other tyre bead into the rim start from the 12 Oclock position, where the valve should be. Now push the valve up towards the rim this will reduce the risk of your tube blowing up when inflating
  9. Flip the rest of the bead into the rim, again working symmetrically from the 12 Oclock position
  10. The final part of the bead will be the hardest to push into the wheel. However, resist the temptation to use a tyre lever or any other tools
  11. If this proves really difficult, smear some washing up liquid over the bead and rim edge. This should ease the process